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Some yards may be hazardous for mother Earth! Is yours one of them?

If it is, we will help you transform your yard and make it environmentally friendly!

We use environmentally responsible methods for soil preparation, planting and maintenance. Here are three examples:

Our methods for soil preparation, planting and maintenance are responsible toward nature. Here are some examples of how we work:

Seeding & Planting – First we assess the soil and pick a plant type most suitable for it. Then, rather than scattering the seed and drenching it in fertilizer (which is detrimental for the surrounding ecosystem due to the washing away f the fertilizer), we use aeration followed by “slicing” the seed into the ground.  This method is a little lengthier but much less wasteful. It also ensures that the seed really gets to its destination.

cute little frogFertilization – In order to avoid damage on the plants, we use slow-releasing fertilizer. Excess amount of fertilizer can be washed away by rain water into the surrounding streams, lakes or rivers contributing to severe environmental issues. To avoid being hazardous, we are careful on when and how much of the fertilizer we use.

Recycle Through Composting – Our planet is filled with waste materials. So why add more to it? Well, we don’t. We utilize all the yard waste and turn it into rich organic matter ready to be used again as mulch. And better yet we can teach you how to do the same right in your back yard.

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