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Here are some of our professional tips that make a difference!

1. About Mowing! Did you know that over-mowing destroys your grass? Well now you do! Mowing systematically and not too low (no more than one-third of the leaf length) is the key to a healthy turf. Never try to make up for the times you skipped mowing by over-mowing later. Also, make a note that the roots of taller grass types (such as Tall Fescue) tend to grow deeper. Thus taller grasses do not dry out as easy during seasons of drought.

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2. Water Sensibly! The most important thing to remember when watering is that the frequency of your watering should be monitored as well as the amount of water used. One thorough watering is much more beneficial than recurrent light watering, since the latter can create shallow roots and a fragile lawn.

3. Say Goodbye To Crabgrass!  Are you irritated by the persistence of crabgrass? It seems to grow everywhere, even in the most cautiously cultivated lawn. Well, we have good news! Crabgrass can be monitored! Simply apply a pre-emergent herbicide before the germination period–between March 15 and April 1st in our area- and enjoy the results.

4. Environmentally-friendly Fertilization. When fertilizing, you need to remember that the cheapest methods are unfortunately not the most Earth- friendly ones. We recommend fertilizing two or three times annually, during the fall, using a slow releasing nitrogen fertilizer. This kind of fertilizer is less susceptible to being washed away by rain water and less prone to causing damage to your plants. 

5. Aerate. Aeration should be performed once annually during the fall. It has multiple benefits a few of them being:

    • It helps roots penetrate the soil deeper,
    • It  helps fertilizer reach the roots
    • It makes it easier for water to go through the soil.

    Pleas note that: Aeration during the summer is not a good idea since it puts an additional stress to your already dry lawn. Also, aeration during times when weed seeds are at their peak could cause a weed plague.

    For further information on aeration techniques go to Tip No 7!

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6. Seeding. If you would like to provide a little bit of a boost to your grass’s growing process you might want to consider using the method of “over-seeding.” “Over-seeding” is simply spreading fresh seed over existing grass. In more detail, some of the benefits of this process are:

  • It increase the probability of the seed germination
  • It helps the grass develop sturdy roots
  • It provides the nutrients needed for the grass to grow in the spring.

Some further recommendations:

  • Tall Fescue is a good choice for our area
  • Avoid Rye grass since it does not last too long
  • When applying the seed cover it with a layer of compost and topsoil and then add another layer of seed.
  • Use a water-weighted roller to press seed into the soil

For further information on over-seeding techniques go to Tip No 7!

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